The guarantee is only valid upon presentation of a receipt/invoice and a guarantee card certifying the purchase of the product from

The warranty is given when the product is used for its intended purpose and in compliance with the instructions for unpacking, operation and care of the product, as described in this warranty card. In the event that it is necessary to send it to for repair or replacement, the product must be carefully packed, stored and in a good sanitary and hygienic condition.
The terms of the guarantee apply only to the territory of Bulgaria and are in addition to the rights established by law.

Mattress spring package – loose, broken or visibly protruding coils under the textile surface.
Mattress body sag greater than 3 centimeters.
Deviation from the size of the mattress in length and width 5 greater than +/- 2 centimeters, according to the requirements of the BDS.
Deviation from the height of the mattress greater than +/- 1 centimeter, in accordance with the requirements of the European standard DIN EN 1334.

Sinking into the mattress body, less than 3 centimeters.
Damage to the mattress as a result of using an inappropriate base or undermattress system for placement and operation.
Preferences for convenience and comfort, softness and firmness.
Stains from dirt or burning.
Rubbing the textile and the damask.
The aerators on board.

Presence of smell from the production process (after airing the product it will disappear).

The appearance of mold and/or mold as a result of increased humidity in the room or the use of devices that emit moisture, as well as the appearance of mold and/or mold 3 months after purchasing the product.
An unpacked mattress that is the wrong size or model due to the customer’s fault is not subject to replacement.

No responsibility is assumed regarding the physical and health condition of the user. The natural change in the degree of hardness and recovery time, as a result of long-term use6 in the case of memory foam material. The change does not affect the quality of the mattress and its functionality.

Failure to follow the instructions for operation and maintenance of the mattress described in the warranty card.

Complaint requests can be submitted at the following link or via Viber on phone 0885 989 894 is owned by TED BED EAD and product warranty service is organized by TED BED EAD and according to the conditions established by TED BED EAD described here ->

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