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The right solution to temporary discomfort - perfect for your old mattress

Do you want to improve the comfort of your old mattress or you are simply looking for a practical and quick solution for a villa, caravan or camping? We have the right solution to temporary discomfort - the Sleep Relax Top Mattress made of elastic and durable polyurethane foam.


The egg crate core of the top mattress provides the necessary comfort to the body, reducing the pressure exactly where needed. The profiling of the foam creates a pleasant micro-massage effect to the surface that improves blood circulation during sleep and air circulation on the surface of the top mattress,


The core of the SLEEP RELAX mattress is wrapped in a seer-sucker gentle textile, the fibers of which form air bubbles and guarantee a constant movement of air across the surface and create an extra sense of purity and freshness. Through the Fragrance Active™ technology, the textile is enriched with nanocapsules that release a discreet, soothing camomile aroma as you move and create a sense of closeness to nature.


Warranty: 2 years



Composition: Egg crate profiled polyurethane foam; textile Fragrance Active™ microfiber camomile - 100% polyester, particles polyurethane foam and fibers;
Top mattress height: 5 cm;
Dimensions: 82*190*5 cm, 120*200*5 cm, 140*200*5 cm, 160*200*5 cm;
Packaging: roll pack. Sleep Relax Top Mattress is packed in a vacuum roll, which makes is easily portable and guarantees an impeccable cleanliness of the product.