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Improve the comfort of your old mattress at home

Whether you would like to improve the comfort of your old mattress at home or simply looking for a quick and affordable solution for the villa or caravan, top mattress Sleep Detox is your best option. The egg crate core of the top mattress provides the necessary comfort to the body, reducing the pressure exactly where needed. The profiling of the foam creates a pleasant micro-massaging, which improves blood circulation and air circulation on the surface of the top mattress, during sleep for a perfectly balanced and stress-free sleeping environment.


The core of the SLEEP DETOX top mattress is wrapped in a skin-friendly microfiber fabric with woven carbon fibers. Activate carbon prevents the formation of mites, eliminate odors and build-up of static electricity. Carbon fibers absorb much CO2 which is released by skin to reduce perspiration.


Warranty: 2 years



Composition: Egg crate profiled polyurethane foam; textile with woven Carbon fibers 99.4% polyester, / 0.6% carbon fiber, polyurethane foam particles and fibers;
Top mattress height: 5 cm;
Dimensions: 82*190*5 cm, 120*200*5 cm, 140*200*5 cm, 160*200*5 cm;
Packaging: Roll pack. Sleep Detox Top Mattress is packed in a vacuum roll, which makes is easily portable and guarantees an impeccable cleanliness of the product.