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Classical double-sided foam mattress – cleanse your body while you sleep

The human body accumulates electrical charge every day, causing a sensation of muscle tension and stress. Woven carbon fibers prevent the formation of mites and static electricity for a restful sleep. The body regains its natural balance and sleep becomes stress-free and relaxing.


The core of the mattress is made of an elastic Body Care foam that gently envelops the body. For even more versatile support, the surface is profiled according to different areas of the body. This helps distribute body weight properly to avoid tension and discomfort during sleep.


Warranty: 2 years



Double-sided mattresses are placed on mattress frames with slats that allow free air circulation and optimize product functionality.


Composition: Profiled polyurethane foam; textile with woven Carbon fibers 99.4% PES / 0.6% carbon fiber, polyurethane foam particles and fiber;
Mattress height: 18 cm;
Dimensions: 82/190/18 cm, 164/190/18 cm, 90/200/18 cm, 160/200/18 cm;
Packaging: Roll pack with a handle for easy carrying.