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Еrgonomic neck pillow - your favorite pillow

An ergonomic neck pillow that will become your favorite and indispensable savior in the pursuit of convenience and comfort. This excellent product provides stable neck support and personalized head support in all positions.


The pillow is suitable not only for traveling, but also in the office in front of the computer, at home - on the sofa in front of the TV or while enjoying your favorite book. Regular use prevents discomfort in the neck and shoulders. The pillow is suitable for anyone, anytime, anywhere. A great gift for the ones you love. It is made of a moulding memory foam with an ergonomic shape which snugly fits around the neck and supports the upright position of the body. The heat-sensitive foam gently follows the natural contours, prevents the head from sinking, and provides the necessary support when inclined in different directions. Adaptive memory foam is enriched with green tea extract, which releases a light and fresh aroma, acts relaxing and brings a feeling of cool. To ensure maximum comfort on one side, a layer of 3D thermo-balancing gel is added. The gel absorbs the heat released and maintains the thermal balance on the surface.


To upgrade the thermo-balancing effect, the removable cover is made of high quality mesh textiles with 100% tencel fibers for excellent ventilation and moisture regulation keeping you cool and dry, providing a soothing and relaxing sleep surface.



Core: Fragrance Active ™ memory foam with green tea extract, 3D thermo-balancing gel;
Inner cover: 100% jersey polyester;
Zippered cover: 100% tencel fibers;
Dimensions: 29*30*10 cm;
Packing: Luxurious fastener label.