Your favourite pillow anywhere with you - compact and easy to carry

Mini pillow with classical shape for all those who face a hard time separating with their favourite pillow.
The Green Tea Mini Pillow is a classic shape compact pillow for anyone who has difficulty separating from their favourite pillow. Compact and easy to carry, it will become an integral part of your trip or vacation. The conforming memory foam moulds to the curves of the head, neck and shoulders to offer personalized comfort without pressure, helping to relax the muscles at major points of tension. One-sided profiled surface with a 3D cellular network of embossed ducts, gives additional flexibility and elasticity, facilitates air circulation on the surface. The light micro-massaging effect is a nice addition to the comfort.


Through the Fragrance Active™ technology, the memory foam is infused with green tea extract, which releases a light and fresh aroma, acts relaxing and brings a feeling of coolness.
An embroidered, gusseted cover emphasises on the appearance of the pillow. The gusset is made of a soft and breathable 3D AirMesh, which further promotes moisture and temperature balance of the core.



The cover is fully removable and machine washable to guarantee proper hygiene and long lasting freshness.


Core: Fragrance Active™ memory foam with green tea extract;
Inner cover: 100% jersey polyester;
Zippered cover: 100% polyester, 3D breathable AirMesh;
Dimensions: 40/30/10 cm;
Packing: Luxury box.