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Classic mattress with BodyCare™ breathable foam core.

At the end of the active day, everyone needs to enjoy a complete relaxation, so we created the double-sided GREEN TEA mattress. With a core of polyurethane foam resistant to pressure and deformation, the mattress is ideal for lovers of stable support and firmer sleeping surfaces. The body receives good support at the main points of contact with the mattress, which ensures the correct position of the spine during sleep. Additional profiling in the head and foot area gives the core elasticity and ensures good air circulation on the surface.


The core of the GREEN TEA mattress is wrapped in a high-quality microfiber with an elegant embossed logo and a delicate decorative element.
Through the Fragrance Active™ technology, the textile is enriched with nanocapsules of a refreshing green tea scent for a spa-like sleep experience. It acts relaxing and brings a feeling of coolness to promotes a calm and quality sleep.


Warranty: 2 years



Double-sided mattresses are placed on mattress frames with slats that allow free air circulation and optimize product functionality.


Composition: Profiled polyurethane foam; textile Fragrance Active™ microfiber camomile - 100% polyester, quilting: polyurethane foam particles and fibers;
Mattress height: 18 cm;
Dimensions: 82/190/18 cm, 164/190/18 cm, 90/200/18 cm, 160/200/18 cm;
Packaging: Roll pack. The GREEN TEA mattress is packed in a vacuum roll, which makes it easily portable and guarantees an impeccable cleanliness of the mattress.