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Lightweight duvet - the gentle and ethereal softness.

The gentle and ethereal softness you want to be embraced by. The specially designed, lightweight GREEN TEA duvet makes you feel warm and cosy, without being heavy. The cover is made of high-quality microfiber with an elegant embossed logo and a delicate decorative element.
Through the Fragrance Active™ technology, the textile is enriched with nanocapsules of a refreshing green tea scent for a spa-like sleep experience. It acts relaxing and brings a feeling of coolness to promotes a calm and quality sleep.
To ensure uncompromising hygiene during sleep, the lightweight blanket is made with a dense capitol that allows regular machine washing.


Easy to care for, this duvet can be washed at 30° C time after time.


Composition: Textile Fragrance Active™ microfiber green tea - 100% polyester, polyester fibers;
Dimensions: 150 * 200 cm; 200 * 220 cm;
Packing: PVC bag with handles and zipper.