Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs…

Are we paying enough attention to sleep? Are we taking the best out of the time, dedicated to rest and recovery? Do we get quality sleep?

Nowadays, we pay more and more attention to living healthily – we strive to follow a balanced diet, spend time in nature and actively participate in sports. We want to escape from the fast pace of life and enjoy the little, yet important, moments slowly and calmly.

We are aware that sleep is as important to our health, as is a healthy diet and physical activity.

That is why we created SleepMe – sleep products, that provide the best for our body and help us feel vibrant, balanced, looking better and happier.



Sleep Relax – relax instantly!

Known for its soothing and healing properties, chamomile is familiar to us from a very young age. Its aroma encourages relaxation and lowers feelings of tiredness and fatigue. It also has anti inflammatory and anti-allergy properties.

Green Energy – restart your body!

The fresh green tea aroma purifies the senses and provides a fresh and clean sleep environment – for a truly rejuvenating rest.

Sleep Detox – the best way to cleanse your body while you sleep!

The collection, enriched with active carbon, neutralises toxins, prevents formation of unpleasant odours, static electricity and moisture in sleep products.