About Us

About us

As a company with long-standing experience in producing sleep products, we know for a fact that sleep is what charges us with energy for our everyday activities. It has a pivotal role in how we feel and act during the day.
What we witness more and more nowadays is that people try to live a healthy lifestyle by eating quality food, exercising regularly, trying to reduce stress and enjoy the little things in life. But in our busy everyday routines, we tend to forget that SLEEP plays a vital role in our physical and mental health.


That is why we created SleepMe – the products that everyone needs for quality sleep and revitalizing rest. We used the latest industry technologies to give more than what our customers expect. Over 25 years of experience help us choose the right selection of materials that offer an exclusive comfort – the one every one wants in his bedroom.


As a company that works on a number of markets worldwide, we have established a long-term relationships with certified suppliers – the leading companies in their fields. We use quality materials, which are certified for quality and harmfulness.
We have good experience working with all types of business partners – from multinational retail chains and on-line platforms to specialized stores or smaller shops.


For us, providing quality service is as important as the quality of the products themselves.